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Male Edge Product Reports

Product Facts, Company Profile and Customer Reviews 


General Information

Male Edge 

Male Edge is a penis enlargement device that uses the principle of traction force for enlarging the penis size and for correcting curved penis. It works by forcing the penis to create new cells that will improve the blood circulation in the penis making it bigger and harder. It offers 3 different penis enlargement packages, the basic, Extra, and the Pro retail that can be selected depending on the individual needs.


The enlargement result is based on the total number of hours of using it. The result is the same wearing it 3 hours a day for 180 days or 6 hours a day for 90 days.


Male edge is a class 1 medical penis extender, easy to use, comfortable and recommended by doctors.





Product Details

Basic retail comes with a blue and white penis enlarger with a ruler and rubber strap. It is exactly the same with other 2 packages; the only difference is that it comes without some of the other extras. 


Extra retail is the best selling in all 3 penis extender comes with green and black extender, with useful added accessories and replacement parts, In addition to the basic accessories. It also comes with 2 rubber straps, a protection pad and a travel bag. 



Pro retail comes in stylish, red and black, presented in an elegant red gift box. It includes the full range of basic and extra accessories with cohesive gauge, 2 replacement pads and 4 rubber straps. Male edge pro retail is the top on the 3 penis enlargement package.


Website: www.maleedge.com 


Company: DanaLife ApS 
                   Maglebjergvej 4 DK - 2800  

                   Lyngby Denmark 


Phone: +45 45 200 300 



  • $179.00 basic retail   
  • $199.00 extra retail   
  • $219.00 pro retail  

Worldwide shipping  

Canada, Nz, US, Etc.


Male edge Benefits 

  • Increase penis length and girth   
  • Permanent Results   
  • Fits to any penis size  
  • Harder and stronger erections  
  • Increased blood circulation to the penis   
  • Correct penis curvature   


Male edge Advantage  

  • Clinically proven to work   
  • Recommended by doctors  
  • Medical type 1 device   
  • Two-year warranty   
  • Double money-back guarantee   
  • 3 effective packages to choose from   
  • Access to online training programs   
  • Access to customer forum  
  • Discreet shipping and worldwide delivery  

Male edge Disadvantage  

  • Spare parts are expensive   
  • Customer testimonials are not provided   
  • The guarantee has several conditions  
  • Basically same as other penis extender 


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Customer Reviews

Don't be fooled guys, yes this is a great product, very well made and may possibly offer long term gains but this is NOT a quick fix. And anyone who says this is un-noticable under clothing must have bought his trousers from MC Hammer! A good product but don't get caught up in the hype!” 

Portion of actual User comments from sextoys.co.uk 


 “I am very impressed with Male Edge. It did everything that it claimed it would. I had a 22% increase in penis length and 16% in girth. I know that this isn’t what they claimed were average. Oh well. Even if my gains are under average, I am still very pleased and my girlfriend is too. This has made our sex life much better.” 

Portion of actual User comments from thepenisedge.com 


“I have been using the Male Edge penis extender for three months and I'm pleased with the results (length increase of 1.5 inches so far). I'd like to continue using it to rise to my target size of 8 inches.” 

Portion of actual User comments from forum.penisextendervote.com 


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