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General Information


JELQ device is a penis enlargement exercise devices that effectively simulate Jelquing, penis exercise uses one’s hand to squeeze and pull on the penis to cause internal stretching and increasing the blood flow to the penis. Although effective there are some complain about hand jelquing that it is hard to perform the number of repetitions needed to achieve results. With JELQ device, it needs not to be difficult anymore. It becomes easy, effectively and safely to exercise the penis.


JELQ device encourages blood circulation, cell multiplication and new tissue growth by providing pressure along the shaf of the penis to achieve a larger and healthier penis.


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Product Details



Company: Nature’s Accents
5348 Vegas Drive #524
Las Vegas, NV 89108


Phone Number: 1-800-979-5357


Price: $99.95



  • Larger and faster gains.
  • Increase penis lent and girth.
  • Harder erections.
  • Increase sexual performance.
  • Control ejaculations.
  • Cure erectile dysfunction.
  • Control orgasm.



  • Easy jelquing without the tired arms and hands.
  • Testimonial with pictures is provided.
  • Positive Results backed by the user.
  • Clinical studies are provided.
  • Correct technique every time.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Variety of ordering options.
  • Discreet billing and shipping.



  • Not convenient as taking natural penis enlargement pills.
  • Regular exercise may be inconvenient to some users.
  • Use of the device may require maintenance.


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Customer Reviews

“i purchased my jelq device about 2 months ago and have seen dramatic results. i am 20 years old and really small at 3.5 inches. I am now around 5 inches and im very happy. i am still using it and hope to see more gains.”

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“The JELQ Device is awesome. I have seen a huge increase in girth in only about 2 months. Are you guys actually using this thing? It works better than anything else out there.”

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“I just want to say that the JELQ is awesome. I have tried many different pumps and stretchers and nothing has worked. But, I continue to see positive results with the J device. This thing truly helps you focus on the exercises, and get gains quickly.I have now gained over 3/4 inch in girth and almost an inch in length.Thanks.”

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